ASB National Scholarship Awards: Be counted

ASB National Scholarship Awards: Be counted

The ASB National Scholarship Awards are asking industry employees to ‘stand up and be counted’ in the best possible way.

In 2021 EOI Bakery (Peerless Bakery) are once again partnering with the Australian Society of Baking (ASB) to present the Australian Baking Industry National Scholarship Awards.

Open to almost anyone in the baking industry, whether you work in retail, manufacturing or in an educational role, the scholarships consist of eight Regional Scholarship trips Melbourne, and two National Scholarship trips to visit either IBIE in Las Vegas 2022, or the Hotel and Food Show, Singapore 2022.

How do the scholarships work?

The scholarships are divided into two age groups. If you’re aged 18 – 24 then the Sydney J Packham Baking Industry Medal is your category, and if you’re aged 25 and over the Arthur E Denison Trophy category is for you. Denison entrants will be required to research and submit a paper on one of the four industry topics nominated in the entry kit.

Who can enter?

Almost anyone in the Australian baking industry. If in doubt, call the coordinator on 03 8393 9385 or email to check your eligibility.

The 2020 Arthur E Denison Trophy was awarded to Jae Thomas (Allied/Pinnacle), while the Sydney J Packham Baking Industry Medal went to Jack Mylott (Cracker Jack Bakery).

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