A food trailer like no other is up for grabs

A food trailer like no other is up for grabs

If you’re on the lookout for a new kitchen, keep your mind open to a mobile one, with one of the food trailers used by The Good Foundation (Jamie’s Ministry of Talent), a trailer like no other, up for grabs.

Starting out with two trailers, which cost $1M each to build and fit out, the foundation no longer has a need for both and hopes to find a buyer in order to generate some cash to continue its vital community food education programs.

General Manager of Van Rooy Machinery Benji Van Rooy is helping with the sale, and says a buyer was almost secured before COVID-19 hit earlier this year.

“We had a buyer pretty quickly with our advertisement,” he said.

“He was just about to – after months, almost a year in the making – sign it all over and then COVID hit. Obviously being in the food industry it really jeopardised his revenue and could no longer buy the trailer.”

The trailer is a full commercial kitchen with washbasins, cooktops, six ovens, island benches (with big bench tops that roll into the middle for classes), and every single pot, pan and utensil you could possibly need. The sides of the trailer expand outwards for even more space.

A food trailer like no other is up for grabs  

It’s on the market for $300,000, but it valued at a far higher number – so if you’re interested in a full kitchen on wheels and can get a big enough truck to haul it, this is an absolute bargain.

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