Lace Detail Cake Decorating: Mary Reid

Lace Detail Cake Decorating: Mary Reid

Mary Reid from Merivale Cakes & Crafts demonstrates how to use moulds and piping to create stunning wedding cakes with intricate lace detail.

During a recent tour of the UK, Merivale Cakes & Crafts’ Mary Reid and Cheryl Stace visited internationally acclaimed decorators and authors Peggy Porschen from Peggy Porschen Cakes in London and Marion Frost from Patchwork Cutters near Liverpool.

Peggy and Marion had on display their own wedding cakes created with a technique of using lace moulds or cutters with piping. In both designs the technique and the process were similar, however, the type of lace tools used was quite different.

Here, Mary demonstrates how to use the mould and pipe-over pattern.

Lace Mould/Pipe-over Pattern

Step 1

Assemble the cake as per the structure for the required design. Finish the base of each tier with ribbon, sugar pearls or piping. Dry-lustre the whole cake.

Step 2

Place the silicon lace moulds on the workbench. Lightly dust each mould with cornflour.

Step 3

Rub a small amount of Menina Satin Moulding Fat on to a non-slip board and roll a small piece of flower paste to a similar shape as the mould. The thickness of each lace piece is only slightly thicker than what is used for sugar flowers.

Step 4

Hand-press the flower paste into the lace mould but do not overfill. Gently place the top of the mould directly over the paste to align it with the base of the lace mould. Lightly roll across the top of the mould with a small rolling pin.

Step 5

Gently peel the top off the mould and remove the lace from the base. Trim the excess flower paste away from the lace piece.

Step 6

Dry-lustre each piece of lace before positioning it on the cake.

Step 7

Brush the back of the lace with a small amount of water, which acts as the glue, before placing it on the cake. Repeat this process until the overall desired lace pattern is completed.

Step 8

Paint all the lace pieces with some lustre mixed with alcohol to the desired colour finish.

Step 9

Pipe each lace piece with a complementary coloured royal icing. Repeat this step until the lace pieces on the cake represent the desired effect or to the samples prepared ahead of time.

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