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To celebrate 40 years, brumby’s put the call out to customers to find the brand’s best baker. With more than 800 votes behind him, brumby’s go kambah’s high-energy baker ajaydeep singh came out on top.

Almost 840 customers voted for Ajaydeep Singh online via the Brumby’s website Facebook page. Yet despite his obvious popularity, the enthusiastic baker is humbled by the attention.

“It’s an honour to be awarded Australia’s Best Brumby’s Baker. I can’t believe, of the 250 store and hundreds of wonderful bakers, I received the most votes,” he said.

Having worked with Brumby’s for two years, Ajaydeep Singh, who mostly goes by Ajay, is often hard at work while most of his customers are still asleep. That doesn’t stop him happily chatting to those who walk in to the bakery, however, and taking on board feedback to make sure he’s baking what his customers want.

As for the secret to his popularity, Ajay says it’s easy to throw your support behind someone who gives 100 per cent.

“I bake from my heart. I always put in a lot of effort and that can be seen in the end product,” he says.

“When I bring the bread out from the oven to the front counter, I always enjoy saying hello to the customers, and they really get a kick out of meeting the person who has made their bread. It creates a connection between them and the bread they are going to put on the kitchen table, rather than just picking it up off the supermarket shelf.”

Behind every great baker, of course, is a great team – and Ajay is quick to acknowledge the support of his colleagues and franchise owner Steve Mason. And, it seems there’s a lot of love to go around in the Kambah bakery, with Steve saying he’s extremely proud of Ajay’s hard work.

“The competition was about highlighting our bakers’ skills and exemplary work that is involved in making fresh, quality products that were just ingredients the night before,” Steve said.

“I’m very happy for Ajay that he was able to win this competition. He works hard on his craft everyday and really takes pride in what he does.”

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