Toowoomba Cupcake Worth Its Weight In Gold

Toowoomba Cupcake Worth Its Weight In Gold

For $45, sweet connoisseurs were able to purchase the country’s most expensive cupcake.

Crave Cupcakes in Toowoomba sold the Golden Cupcake in limited supply in August, handing over 24 decadent cupcakes in total.
Incorporating a number of high-end ingredients, the bottom layer was made from a single-origin chocolate mudcake under a white chocolate, raspberry and macadamia mudcake, which was then filled with a salted caramel sauce. On top was a gold-painted Moët and Chandon Champagne macaron nestled on saffron and orange blossom cheesecake icing.

Crave Cupcakes owner Heather Woodcraft said the decadent recipe took a few months to perfect and was inspired by an ingredients ‘wishlist’.

“We had a whiteboard of ingredient ideas that was constantly being refined and added to. The final ingredients were those we thought would work best together and have the most wow factor,” she said.

For customers, the Golden Cupcake was the perfect present for a range of special occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries.

“There were other customers who just wanted to say they’d had it,” Heather said. As for the price tag, Heather said the $45 asking price represented value.

“Our normal cupcakes are $4.50 and we considered the Golden Cupcakes to be 10 times better, largely because the ingredients were at least 10 times more expensive. Our main focus was to have the best quality and most delicious product for our customer. We were really going for a feel of decadence and needed every part of the cupcake to create this,” she said.

According to Heather, head chef Jason Janetzski – who in the past has come up with a maple-bacon flavoured cupcake – is already talking about Crave Cupcake’s next novelty product.

“I’m really hoping another cupcake store picks up the idea and puts out their own version of Australia’s most expensive cupcake, so we have an excuse to do it again,” she said.

“People loved the flavours and the excitement around it. A lot of customers are asking if we can do special orders for them, but there are only so many bottles of Moët I’m prepared to buy and not drink!”

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