The sweet plan

sweet plan

Baking is a sweeter activity when you don’t have to worry about electricity costs. Plan out your kitchen to be energy efficient with these simple tips:

1. Look for the Energy Star seal of approval when upgrading your appliances.

2. Use flat-bottomed cookware sweet plan for faster heating and around 50 per cent less energy when boiling.

3. Consider QEnergy’s latest Flexi Plans for your home and business. With QEnergy you’ll enjoy:
• A guaranteed discount of 15 per cent off the usage charges set all year round
• No exit fees
• No credit card fees
• No connection fees (terms and conditions apply)
• A no-obligation analysis of your electricity costs
• Optional monthly smooth payments to help your budget
• Your own account manager with a direct-access phone number and email address
• Honest information and advice.

For more information contact QENERGY.

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