Tart AU Chocolat Raspberry: Andre Guérinet

Tart AU Chocolat Raspberry: Andre Guérinet

Mulots Pâtisserie co-owner, Andre Guérinet celebrates Bastille Day with an Australian Baking Business masterclass.

Andre sometimes uses a sponge in the middle of the tart to trap moisture.

On 14 July, 1789, the people of Paris stormed the Bastille, a fortress-prison where people were jailed for arbitrary royal indictments. French pastry chef, Andre Guérinet from Adelaide’s Mulots Pâtisserie celebrated this year’s Bastille Day by showing Australian Baking Business how to make a chocolate raspberry tart.

Mulots Pâtisserie has been serving Adelaide fine French cakes and pastries since 1985, not only providing a large variety of individually handcrafted and detailed products, but also tailored to individual needs.



20g invert sugar
140g light cream
120g raspberry puree
300g chocolat couverture
70g butter


Raspberry ganache

1 Boil the cream with the invert sugar and separately boil the raspberry puree.

2 Pour half the cream over the couverture, mix with the spatula in small concentric circles starting from the center of the pan.

3 Add the remaining cream, then the boiled raspberry puree, mixed in the same manners.

4 Add the butter in small pieces and mix delicately.


1 Rollout the shortcrust at 1¾ on the rolling mill and line previously greased ring.

2 Chill for a while before covering with waxed paper and dried legumes.

3 Bake at 180°C. Remove the paper and the legumes after baking.

4 Pour a small amount of ganache over the bottom of the tart.

5 Cover with a disc of chocolat cake without flour. Press on the edges and fill to the brim with ganache.

6 Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

7 Decorate with fresh raspberries and chocolat flowers.

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