Sweet wanted poster leads to bakery robber’s arres...

Sweet wanted poster leads to bakery robber’s arrest

A thief has learned the hard way not to mess with Krieg’s Lakeside Bakery in Milwaukee, USA.

The burglar broke into the bakery on April 19, taking the cash drawer. Unfortunately for him, at one point, that suspect turned his head and a security camera caught the profile of his face.

The bakery then made sugar cookies with the image of his face and gave them away for free.

“We invite the Bay View community to come on in and take a bite out of the thief while supplies last,” the bakery said in its Facebook post after the incident.

Followers were also urged to contact the Milwaukee Police Department with any knowledge of the suspect’s identity. The idea almost immediately worked, with the bakery’s Facebook post soon generating tips from locals, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Milwaukee police say they’ve made an arrest now, although they are not crediting the wanted poster cookies.

Bakery owner Karen Krieg posted a thank-you to the community for their help in identifying the offender on Facebook.

“Thank you to everyone who took time to read, share and express interest in our little cookie caper (or biscuit bandit as they referred to it in the UK!)”, Ms Krieg wrote.

“We really appreciate the reaction from the community and the tips that lead to the identification and arrest of the man this past Monday. To celebrate the story coming full circle, tomorrow Sunday May 16th, we will be giving away cookies made with his mug shot on them—while supplies last.

“Thank you, again, for all your help.”

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