Streets launch iconic ice creams in one-litre tubs

Streets launch iconic ice creams in one-litre tubs

Three of Australia’s most iconic stick ice creams are now available in one-litre tubs at IGA supermarkets, and will soon be at Woolworths and Coles as well.

Ice cream brand Streets confirmed the ‘scoopable’ versions of its legendary Bubble O’Bill, Rainbow Paddle Pop and Golden Gaytime flavours, widely regarded as the nation’s favourite ice creams.

Streets brand manager Samantha Jamul said in a statement the flavours were chosen based on customer favourites.

‘We’ve been trying to keep it a secret, but the rumours are true,’ she said.

‘These are the top requests we receive from Streets’ fans, and we couldn’t be happier to deliver what they want.’

Bubble O’Bill is made from chocolate and caramel ice cream swirled together with bubble gum flavoured candy pieces.

Rainbow Paddle Pop is an ‘all-time Aussie favourite’ with caramel flavoured, colourful swirls and Golden Gaytime is made from toffee and vanilla mixed with crispy biscuit.

The $8 tubs are already available in IGA stores Australia-wide from Tuesday, July 14, and will launch in Woolworths at the end of July and Coles from mid-August.

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