Stop, collaborate and listen

Stop, collaborate and listen

Stop, collaborate and listen

Collaboration is integral to life and success; without it, businesses would go bust and entire industries would fail. Even kitchens wouldn’t be able to serve dishes, as each place usually requires the help of several people within the one team.

Working with people outside your immediate environment and usual team and leads to exciting, unchartered opportunities. It gives you and the other members a chance to grow and develop.

Sharing in the community of food is inspiring – it lifts me with joy to work with open, kind-hearted comrades in the field. Take the team at Essential Ingredient in Rozelle, Sydney: I’ve been a resident guest teacher there for three to four years and, in that time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with most of the team. It’s been a lot of fun. They love talking about new kitchen gadgets, cooking books, and processes. Among that conversation, I’m right at home and when I work closely with the manager of the school to create class content for students, we really feel like we are helping create a passionate, inquisitive and knowledge-rich generation of up-and-coming bakers and chefs.

When people really care about what they are doing it shows. Brainstorming new ideas with peers also gives industry the opportunity to celebrate and show off at events, which are becoming more and more popular with consumers. Take the Cake Bake & Sweet Show, for example. It’s inviting more and more industry professionals on stage every year, to the delight of home bakers nationwide. Then, there’s Good Food Month, the Smooth Choc Fest and the upcoming Bacon Brewfest – it’s fantastic to see food professionals from all parts of the industry share ideas and come up with truly out-of-the-ordinary creations.

The Bacon Brewfest, for example, is mixing beer brewers with bakers, chocolatiers, pasty chefs and great cooks to celebrate one ingredient. There will be people there who wouldn’t usually say they are fans of doughnuts or chocolate, but will see it on show, being celebrated, and give it a go. Next time they walk past a doughnut store, imagine the positive thoughts that will be going through their minds…

As you know, chef Tommy Prosser and I are constantly collaborating and pushing the boundaries of food. Our bacon-inspired treats that will be on show at Bacon Brewfest are a direct result of this collaboration: bacon and egg cookies in the shape of pig; smoked salted chocolate caramel jars; and bacon chocolates in pig head moulds made with Olsson’s sea salt that we smoke ourselves, crispy crunchy Black Market Bacon, and a custom blend of Felchlin Chocolate. I even ask Tommy to get involved with many of these articles for Baking Business because it gives another dynamic to my chocolate-focused content.

Business owners can’t be insular and stay hidden behind their shopfronts anymore. In today’s vibrant and high-energy food market it’s imperative to get out there show off your brand. The collaborate is better way to promote yourself than at a festival or food show where thousands of food lovers are at your fingertips.

I look forward to talking with you to see how we can make this industry even more exciting.

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