Spirited collaboration produces Negroni cruffin

Spirited collaboration produces Negroni cruffin

Hot off the press (and out of the oven)! Two of Sydney’s most innovative brands, Banksia Bakehouse and Archie Rose Distilling Co, have joined together in a ‘spirited’ collaboration—producing a limited-edition Negroni cruffin called the Red Centre.

 The Red Centre Cruffin uses a range of ingredients, including the key one: Archie Rose’s hugely popular, limited release Red Centre Negroni bottled cocktail. The cruffin’s recipe was inspired by the thoughts of summer relaxation with a Negroni firmly in hand. The result is a decadent blend of blood orange mousse centre with a Negroni ‘coulis’ with orange peel, rosemary, dark chocolate and gold foil, encased in the Sydney CBD bakehouse’s signature light and buttery pastry.

“The Archie Rose Negroni cocktail is perfectly balanced with a lot of flavour. We only had to slightly tweak the coulis ratio of orange custard we put in to balance the Negroni,” explains Banksia Bakehouse co-founder Aileen Zhang.

Making the cruffins takes the Banksia Bakehouse pastry chefs several days. First the dough is made and then ‘rested’; on the second day it’s cut, shaped and stored overnight in a dough proofer (a warming chamber used in baking), and the team then bakes and finishes the cruffin on the third day.

“The process of making the Negroni filling is then a ‘labour of love’ to ensure the Negroni cocktail taste is able to cut through the sweetness but not overpower it. It’s all about balance. It certainly has a flavour kick like a Negroni cocktail!” says Aileen.

Of the collaboration – Banksia Bakehouse’s first (but not last!) – Aileen says it’s a “perfect match”.

“We love working with local producers and celebrating local ingredients and Archie Rose aligns perfectly with the Banksia brand. Both teams enjoy using local and native ingredients in our respective creations, and Archie Rose’s Negroni bottled cocktail—from their Native Australian range—certainly ticked all the boxes for us. It’s the ideal ingredient for this specially-produced cruffin,” she says. “And this collaboration with a leading local spirits company is the first of many that will produce delicious, unique creations.”

Archie Rose founder Will Edwards adds: “We’re fortunate to collaborate with Banksia Bakehouse, who share our ethos of celebrating the best local ingredients whilst thinking outside the box in creating innovative and quirky products. We love seeing our spirits used in unique ways.”

Costing $12, the limited-edition Red Centre Cruffin is available from December 1 till December 23 from Banksia Bakehouse.

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