Shelves bare after Tip Top bakery breakdown

Shelves bare after Tip Top bakery breakdown

A manufacturing problem at WA’s Tip Top bakery left bread shelves bare at supermarkets across Perth in July.

George Weston Foods, one of the largest food manufacturers in Australia, confirmed its Canning Vale bakery had suffered a “breakdown” in one of its ovens, causing at least a dozen stores across the city to receive little to no stock of the popular Tip Top bread goods, The West Australian reported.

A George Weston Foods spokeswoman said the bakery was “back to normal” shortly after the incident.

Coles supermarkets in several southern suburbs, including Karawara and Cannington had empty shelves, with signage for customers who noticed their usual products missing.

“This is due to unforeseen circumstances with regards to product supply for this store,” the notice said.

Woolworths in Cannington displayed a similar notice.

“Due to supply chain disruptions, we are experiencing temporarily reduced product availability,” the sign said.

“We are working hard to restock shelves as quickly and safely as possible.”

IGA stores in East Perth, Balga, Bull Creek, East Victoria Park and Beckenham all reported a significantly reduced supply of Tip Top goods.

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