Refurbished Bakery Wins Top Design Awards

Refurbished Bakery Wins Top Design Awards

The newly rebuilt Bindoon Bakehaus, Bakery and Café in Bindoon, Western Australia, won major awards at the WA Building Design Awards, National Industry Awards and the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Awards in July.

The first commercial development to be built in the main street of Bindoon for almost 40 years, the bakery was awarded best interior at the national industry awards and the Mondo Lucé Lighting Award for best lighting design at the AIA awards.

Architectural firm Fratelle Group used natural materials such as galvanised steel, corrugated metal wall and roof cladding, stone features and extensive timber panelling, door and window frames to keep in sync with the rural setting.

Owned and run by Leanne Phillipson and Anne Maree Hagge, Bindoon Bakehaus earned a reputation as one of the best bakeries in the state soon after opening. A decade on, the only thing stopping continued success was the building it operated from.

“The old bakery was a tiny brick building and there wasn’t really any space for people to sit down and enjoy the food,” Fratelle Group director, Kylee Schoonens said.

“The baking area was cramped, which limited production. The café often had patrons queuing to get inside and the car park was chaotic with drivers banked up trying to get a parking space. There were very few seats, inside and out.”

To encourage atmosphere in the café, Fratelle Group created distinct zones in their design. These include a stunning alfresco seating area, which captures the winter sun; a main seating area complete with a children’s bakery, where parents can enjoy a coffee and cake while keeping an eye on their children; and a service area with natural views. A breakfast bar utilises horizontal glazing to capture the streetscape outside.

Ms Phillipson reported a big leap in profit since moving into the new building and undergoing the rebrand.

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