Preparations begin for the Coppa del Mondo Del Pan...

Preparations begin for the Coppa del Mondo Del Panettone

Tatiana Coluccio is presented with her trophy. She has short, blonde hair and is wearing chefs white. She's smiling at the camera.

This year will mark the fourth time the Panettone World Cup will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

The first time the competition was held in Lugano, Switzerland. Since then, they have decided to make Italy the destination for all the finalists.

Instructor and teacher in Certificate IV Patisserie & Bakery qualification Alessandro Urilli, who is spearheading the Australian qualification event together with Tatiana Coluccio from the Old Evropa Bakery in Eltham, said 12 candidates from across the country would be making the trip to Melbourne to compete.

Tatiana was the first Australian candidate to attend the final in Italy in 2021, and has been described as a true artisan in the bakery business in Melbourne.

Alessandro said the selection will be held at William Angliss in Melbourne in July.

“Although they are not going to actually make the panettone on the day,” he said. “They will present three panettones already made along with the recipe to the six of us judging the event. “Only two categories are for entries: classic and chocolate.”

Alessandro said joining him on the judging board would be some of the country’s most renowned pastry chefs in Australia.

“The winner will then fly to Milan to attend the finals on November 8 and 9, 2024,” Alessandro said.

“Twelve nations will be competing in the final.”

Alessandro said the competitors would be judged on factors such as the panettone’s appearance, colour, structure of the crumb inside, and the natural flavour.

“It takes a while to master making a panettone because it’s a sourdough sweet bread. So you have to be able to combine the acidity of the sourdough and make it sweet and palatable,” he said.

“That takes immense skill because it’s not only down to experience. It’s also down to knowing a little bit about how chemistry works – how to balance the acidity, the lactic acid and the acidic acid. And that can only be gained through experience and passion.”

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