Muffin mixes rising to the challenge

Muffin mixes rising to the challenge

With many bakeries broadening their cake and sweet goods offers to help get an edge over the competition, Mauri has revamped their popular Muffin mixes rising to be even better.

After conducting consumer research to understand purchase drivers amongst muffin consumers, Mauri identified ‘texture’ and ‘taste’ as the most important factors to deliver a superior muffin product.

The new Mauri Creme Muffin Mix, Mauri Easy Creme Muffin Mix and Mauri Chocolate Creme Muffin Mix have been developed to deliver softer, moister muffins with a delicious homemade taste.

Plus, with the increasing consumer demand for natural/free from artificial products, the new Muffin mixes rising  now use all natural colours and flavours.

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