Midnight Bake-Off For Masterchef Contestants

Midnight Bake-Off For Masterchef Contestants

Contestants in Network 10”s Masterchef series learnt how to run a full sourdough production line during the show’s second week.

The contestants were woken by judge George Calombaris in the middle of the night to bake bread at Sydney’s Sonoma Bakery.

“At this time of night two things are working – possums and bakers,” Mr Calombaris told the tired contestants.

“It ain’t nine to five (work), bakers work throughout the night, so the bread’s fresh in the morning.”

The contestants were divided into two teams and had until 8am to fulfil their bread orders for five of Sydney’s best restaurants.

Sonoma Bakery owner, Andrew Connole spoke to the contestants before they began production about the skill and art of baking bread.

“What makes Sonoma different is that all of our sourdough is naturally leavened. Our focus is on simplicity, authenticity and quality, so that we are uncompromising in baking the best possible bread,” Mr Connole said.

The bread order included country loaves, batards, olive baguettes, soy and linseed rolls and miche bread.

MasterChef judge, Gary Mehigan said that bread was an important part of cuisine.

“If you think about bread, it’s at the very heart of the cuisine that we love. Cuisine’s across the world, it starts a meal and it finishes a meal,” Mr Mehigan said.

The contestants found that baking bread wasn’t easy, with the results of a close finish going in favour of the blue team thanks to their miche loaves.

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