Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie is celebrating 150 y...

Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie is celebrating 150 years

Since 1870, the Mayfair Bakery and Patisserie has been an integral part of Port Adelaide and in 2020 will celebrate 150 years of providing locals with fresh bread and baked goods.

One of South Australia’s longest running bakeries, it’s a nexus for locals and visitors to gather over a mutual love of baked savouries and sweet pastries. Many aspects of its history remain, and the heritage façade, painted pressed-tin accents and polished chair rails radiate old-fashioned charm.

Despite its long history, owners James and Philip Donnelly (who also own The Rolling Pin bakeries in Magill and Semaphore) managed to pull the icon into the 21st Century after taking over in 2014 by tweaking the traditional menu with modern French and Australian flavours and ensuring the bakery can remain relevant long into the future.

With creations like the cheeseburger pie, chicken parma pie and slow-cooked madras beef curry pie, and dessert choices ranging from colourful tarts to gluten-free baked cheesecakes and quality coffee, Mayfair still has customers flooding in seven days a week.

To celebrate the bakery’s long and proud history, they are looking for as many stories, photos and experiences locals and visitors may have, which can be emailed to

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