Lune Lab x Louis Tikaram: a colourful collaboratio...

Lune Lab x Louis Tikaram: a colourful collaboration of pastry and culture

Lune Croissanterie is collaborating with Head Chef at Stanley’s, Louis Tikaram to bring you a guest chef series inspired by the popular pastries. Louis’ expertise in Fijian-Chinese cuisine will bring a twist to the collaboration that will showcase incredible skill and amazing flavours.

You can buy a ticket to experience the three-course feast served at a bar overlooking Lune’s production kitchen so you can get a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes cooking. Founder and co-owner of Lune, Dr Kate Reid shared her excitement for the collaboration in their Instagram post announcement.

“It’s a platform for experimentation and innovation with croissant pastry,” Kate said.

“To push those boundaries even further, we are always looking for inspiration outside the world of pastry. The innovative, world class, virtuoso chefs who are true masters in their cuisine to bring their unique perspective to our pastry creations.”

Louis Tikaram is an award-winning chef with Fijian-Chinese heritage which has shaped his cooking style and expertise.

“The inspiration for this menu really came from—well inspiration in all my cooking—really comes from my grandmother. She’s Fijian-Chinese and my grandfather is actually Fijian-Indian, so it was an amazing melting pot of dinner parties at our house as a young kid,” Louis said.

“It was Louis’ innovative and creative culinary style that first drew our attention. Pair that then with his ability to weave cultural influences and his willingness to push boundaries made him a perfect fit for Lune Lab,” Kate went on to say.


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The cuisine series will be running from May 31 through to August 31 and tickets are $90 per person.

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