70-year-old wedding cakes: brilliant or bin it?

70-year-old wedding cakes: brilliant or bin it?

The humble fruitcake is the ‘long life’ of cakes and often lasts years and even decades after it’s made. Recently on ABC radio Adelaide, locals phoned in and had some pretty surprising answers to the question ‘what is the oldest fruit cake that you have?’

One listener had a cake that was made in February of 1967, and they still have their cake 57 years on. One caller phone in and revealed that they still had their wedding cake for years after their wedding and decided to sample it on their 40th wedding anniversary.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing. Its our wedding cake and our 40th wedding anniversary we decided to crack it open and have it,” Tracey said.

“It was a little bit dry, but it was still okay… it was made by a woman from Melrose… and it had all the most beautiful lace work around the edge.”

For another listener, Andrew, he has had his mother’s wedding fruit cake wrapped up in a calico bag in a cupboard for over 70 years. He says it’s the “family heirloom” that everyone is after. According to Andrew after speaking to a chef you simply soak it in brandy and its alright to eat.

There’s no doubt fruit cakes last a little bit longer in the fridge after Christmas than a standard cake but how long is too long?

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