Leading Edge Custom Ingredient Handling Systems

Leading Edge Custom Ingredient Handling Systems

Hb-technik develops, tests and provides a comprehensive range of Ingredient handling equipment. As pioneers in the food production Industry, Hb-technik provides premium solutions for small and large manufacturing clients. Our services allow clients to effectively produce high volumes of commercial food and beverage products with superior accuracy and efficiency.

Over 30 years Hb-technik has been working with leading manufacturers tailoring custom designed and computerised quality management systems.

The product range includes:

Silo Systems — for the storage of bulk goods with indoor and outdoor options available. Outdoor options include thermal insulation.

Ingredient Handling — this module includes, manual ingredient storage, weighing tables, big bag stations, standard and automated ingredient dispensers.

Conveying System — pneumatic transport input for powdery, crystalline for grainy bulk goods. Provides residue-free, hygienic raw material transport from silos, big bags, bag dumping stations and ingredient dispensers.

Liquid Systems – Our range includes, yeast dissolvers, bread cream mixtures, salt dissolvers, butter fat dissolvers, liquid storage tanks, liquid dosing from containers, dosing line accessories and more.

Ingredient handling made Easy

The automation levels and line dimensions can be adapted to suit the characteristics of your food or beverage manufacturing business, providing overall cost efficiencies for raw materials and labour.

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