Italian-style bakery to open in Brisbane’s inner S...

Italian-style bakery to open in Brisbane’s inner South

Matteo and Guiseppe standing against a brick wall with their arms crossed

Cerin Pasticceria, an Italian-style bakery serving cakes, pastries and coffee is set to open in Woolloongabba this April. Breaking through the French-style bakeries and patisseries littered around Brisbane, Cerin is set to bring delicious Italian classics to the river city.

You can expect focaccia sandwiches, Italian-style pastries—both sweet and savoury—pizza by the tray and much more. Cerin Pasticceria is the culmination of the passion and brains from pastry chef Matteo Cerin and front-of-house master Giuseppe Caputo.

“Because Woolloongabba is a pretty old precinct, we wanted to keep a little bit of that vibe,” Giuseppe said speaking to the Weekend Edition.

“We didn’t want to be super modern or look super fancy. We want to keep it simple, warm and give a nice impression to the customers.”

The space currently under construction for the opening was previously held by The Bakers Arms and is being converted into a full bakery and deli. The design will feature a ‘viewing window’ for people to watch dough being rolled and get a little behind the scenes with a row of stools inside and footpath dining out the front.

“We are going to be Italian, but Italian in the current world is all mixed up,” Matteo said to The Weekend Edition.

“The French do Italian stuff; Italians do French stuff—so it’s going to be a bit of a mix.”

Both business partners will man their respective stations—Guiseppe handling the customer facing side of business and Matteo taking on the back-end baking and pastry prep. Cerin Pasticceria is set to open towards the end of April.

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