Is it a croissant or a waffle?

Is it a croissant or a waffle? Croissants and waffles collide to make the ‘croffle’ at the Gold Coast’s latest taste-sensation, Croffee.

Taking croissants and coffee and smashing them together to make a business name, the Croffee team decided to take things one step further and stick the croissant into a waffle iron to make the newest pastry hybrid.

Joining the cruffin and the cronut, the croffle can be sweet or savoury and toppings are limited only to your imagination. From Froot Loops, cinnamon, strawberries and Chantilly cream through to ham and cheese, anything goes.

Located in Southport, Croffee comes from the masterminds behind D Point Ten. The pastry is made fresh by the team at D Point Ten and sold exclusively at the Croffee shopfront on Nerang Street at the tram station.

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