Green Oven Reduces Franchise Bills

Bakers Delight is rolling out an energy- efficient artisan oven range across its stores. The Green Oven has several technological features, including insulation properties that result in improved heat retention, enabling it to achieve a 25 per cent reduction in energy consumption.

Bakers Delight general manager, Gerry Gerrard said ovens use most of the energy in a typical bakery, costing $15,000 to $20,000 a year in electricity bills.

“You can imagine that with 700 bakeries doing this each day, the cost across all bakeries was around $10 million a year in electricity alone,” Mr Gerrard said.

Bakers Delight began working with Moffat Ovens in 2006 to develop an exclusive oven that would maintain various heat levels required for the numerous bread products the bakery produces each day. In the old oven, the insulation factors meant that the temperature loss was significant each time the oven door was opened and, as a result, the oven had to re-heat itself back to the ideal temperature. This action alone took up more energy and therefore cost.

Each chamber in the green oven had to be fully insulated so that when the oven doors were open, the temperature remained. Also, the viewing window was clearer and yet smaller, therefore reducing heat-escape.

“These are important aspects when considering electricity consumption, because without resolving these issues, you will not be able to reduce your carbon footprint,” Mr Gerrard said.

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    5 August

    Ur products i have eat its very very good

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