Gluten-Free? Buckwheat is but Spelt is NOT!

Gluten-Free? Buckwheat is but Spelt is NOT!

Spelt is an ancient wheat and contains gluten. Spelt may be suitable for sufferers of wheat intolerance but spelt must NOT be included in a gluten-free diet.

Buckwheat, however, is gluten-free.

Bio-Oz produces e3 Spelt and Khorasan ancient wheat flours (both contain gluten).

Bio-Oz also produces gluten free buckwheat flour and kernels.

Geoff Brown started the spelt industry in Australia in 1989, and currently the Australian spelt industry is undergoing a revival with the introduction of e3 Spelt®, a genetically pure spelt, suitable for sufferers of wheat intolerance (but not wheat allergies). Geoff and 2 key wheat researchers identified a variety of spelt with an Expansin gene mutation making it suitable for the 12 per cent of the population who are wheat intolerant and they called it e3 Spelt®. For more information please visit .

In 2019 Buckwheat Enterprises built their flour mill at Parkes to mill their Bio-Oz range of pure ancient wheat flours. Bio-Oz’s e3 Spelt® is a genetically pure spelt, and isn’t contaminated with other spelts or modern wheat. The unbleached flour is roller milled and is a high grade baker’s flour, not requiring the addition of wheat gluten.

Buckwheat Enterprises have a dedicated group of Australian farmers who practice sustainable farming methods; for more information please see

As well as ancient wheats, Buckwheat Enterprises handles buckwheat, and has been exporting buckwheat to Japan since the mid 1970s. They are now Australia’s leading supplier of gluten free buckwheat flour and kernels, with a dedicated gluten free mill and are professional members of Coeliac Australia.

In-store bakeries are reluctant to bake a pure spelt bread, suitable for wheat intolerance, or a gluten free buckwheat bread for fear of contamination, this opens up huge opportunities for smaller artisan bakers.

For more information please visit or phone Geoff Brown 02 6862 5954.

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