Flowfresh renews HACCP International Certification...

Flowfresh renews HACCP International Certification over a decade after first application

Flowfresh renews HACCP International Certification

The Flowfresh flooring range has achieved HACCP international certification for the second time.

This certification, which now also includes Flowfresh Cove, comes just over a decade since Flowcrete Group Β  Ltd. first combined the antibacterial agent Polygiene with a robust polyurethane coating.

Many of the Flowfresh coatings that Flowcrete worked on a decade ago are still in place and continuing to provide hygienic surfaces for large-scale food operations around the world.

The longevity of Flowfresh is a significant advantage for F&B producers, as its approximately 15-year life span safeguards the business against the serious costs and problems incurred by a floor failure.

Flowfresh renews HACCP International Certification

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