Flour to the People

Melbourne’s artisan and underground baking community joined forces in Collingwood, with another sweet line-up under the Flour Market banner. 

The genius’ behind Sydney and Melbourne’s Flour Market have turned the old fashioned town hall bake sale into a smorgasbord of glutinous delights, showcasing the city’s best bakers.

Lovers of the sweeter things in life all but camped out to be first in line for bagels, doughnuts, biscuits, breads, pastries and cakes with an impressive bill including 5 & Dime Bagel, Agathe Patisserie, All Day Doughnuts, Bakewell & Co., Beatrix, Butterbing, Candied Bakery, Pierogi Pierogi, Pure Pie, Cobb Lane, Linh Dang, Jo Barrett, and Moonbean Kitchen, along with new faces Chez Dre, LuxBite and coffee roaster Aunty Peg’s.

Treat yo’self next time this market is in town.

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