Five Minutes with: Robert Erskine

Five Minutes with: Robert Erskine

Five Minutes with: Robert Erskine

We asked Best New Bakery Product award winner, Robert Erskine, about his win at the Best New Product Awards.

Why Do You Think You Won the Best New Bakery Product with the Nuovair Professional Blast Chiller?

We are the most advanced product of this type in the world currently as we use the newest technology to operate our system. We are also a new company, but we are formed by over 100 combined years of experience in this sector. We decided on start up to be educators, not just sales people, as this is still a mystifying sector and it needs deep understanding on why you would need a blast chiller in your business. We believe NUOVAIR blast chillers and shock freezers are the best to make us and our clients as good as they can be in business.

What Does Winning Mean to You?

We are humbled that we have made this impact. This award means that we must live up to its prestige. We now have a task to adhere to our principles without compromise and ensure that we grow well and offer the best in blast chilling and shock freezing.

How has the Product Been Received by Industry?

After 25 years, most operators know of their existence, but not many have used them and less know how to get the best from them. Our system is simple and ease of operation is a priority.

We have sold more NUOVAIR machines into Australia and New Zealand than we thought we could at this early stage, due mainly to our approach and our quality product. The award has put our brand in front of operators that may have chosen other brands, or not chosen one at all. These past weeks have kept us busy fielding calls asking for more information.

What Don’t People Know About Blast Chilling?

We believe that blast chilling and shock freezing is one of the last frontiers in cookery management that is still to be utilised properly. Many owners buy one to satisfy HACCP requirements or just to freeze something, but the attainment of knowledge about what the system can do to support the profitability of a business is vital in today’s economy.

We can suggest a ROI of less than a year if using NUOVAIR through savings in waste, moisture-loss, quality, shelf life and, most importantly, time. The ability to offer fresh products truly fresh for longer periods has only been a dream until now to most people.

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