Deck The Hall

Executive pastry chef Anna Polyviou and her team ensured there was plenty of Christmas spirit in December, unveiling a life-size gingerbread house and edible lolly garden in the Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney.

The Christmas wonderland that Hansel and Gretel would no doubt kill all over again for, used 1500kg of gingerbread bricks, bags of lollies and what Anna Polyviou described as “oodles of icing”.

To herald in the festive period, Anna Polyviou also brought in gospel singers, tribal drummers, a DJ, celebrity chefs and media for the official unveiling.

There was also a special appearance by the Bearded Bakers, who passed around a Christmas version of Knafeh, the dessert they made famous at their pop-up, graffiti covered bakery that moves around Sydney and will even make an appearance in New York,” Anna Polyviou said.

“It was a truly multicultural celebration that did what Christmas is meant to do: bring the community together for a good time.

“Christmas isn’t all about singing old carols. It should be fun, exciting, with lots of colour, music and food.”

The gingerbread house was open to the public daily, with mini gingerbread lolly bag houses, ginger ninjas, fruit mice tubes, macaron packs, white Christmas nougat, and Christmas pudding for sale in take-home packs. Follow @annapolyviou on social media to check out videos of the production process and the launch party.

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