Cutting Edge Floor Technology

Roxset Se production coating system is a seamless, impervious floor coating system with varying degrees of slip resistance for the hospitality, beverage, warehousing, food manufacture and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Roxset meets the highest Oh&S standards set by haCCP, aQIS and NSW FoodSafe. the Roxset Seproduction coating system is easily cleaned and maintained making it an economical and durable surface solution for all heavy duty areas and is a superior alternative to vinyl or ceramic tiles.

When upgrading their factory at Braeside in Victoria, Breadsolutions turned to Roxset to provide a high-quality floor coating, needed to meet rigorous health and safety regimes.

Roxset installed a haCCP aQIS Oh&S Non Slip (R13) impervious coating in Roxset Se 1 at 3-4mm: a system that will provide lasting performance, superior durability and protection from extreme heat and cold.

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