Compactbread Slicer

I.B.E. is excited to introduce MHS Bread Slicers to Australia, particularly the fully adjustable slice thickness bread slicer.

The German-manufactured machines will slice all types of bread, including warm bread, at a slice thickness between 4mm to 24mm at the touch of a button. The single blade machine will also halve the loaf and slice one half at the thickness required.

Innovative technology, perfect hygiene, simple operation, extreme robustness, maximum reliability, easy cleaning, minimal maintenance and an excellent clean cut are distinguishing benefits in the range of MHS Slicers.

Contact IBE for more information.

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  1. Alan O'Connor

    17 October

    Hi there

    I am a service technician in Perth, Western Australia.
    Our customer has a MHS Compact slicer for which he requires some parts as well as some technical information.

    I wonder if I could please request a service manual as well as a parts breakdown?
    Do you have an service partner in Western Australia?

    Thanks very much.

    Alan O’Connor

    • bblogin

      18 October

      Hi Alan
      Your best bet is to contact All About Bakery Equipment on 1300 099 011, they are the company who supplied this editorial to us.

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