ChefBox inspiring professionals with new ingredien...

ChefBox inspiring professionals with new ingredients

The average Joe (i.e. non-professional bakers/chefs) has plenty of options available for pre-packed meal boxes for when inspiration is lacking, and now ChefBox is here, inspiring foodie professionals with a range of fresh new ingredients to sample.

Launched by Straight to the Source, ChefBox is an industry program available to all chefs including bakers and pastry chefs.

Straight to the Source director Tawnya Bahr has been busy launching the boxes, which are curated according to the individual chefs’ preferences.

“It’s easy,  chefs register their interest to receive a  box with new and innovative ingredients to experiment with in their own time,” Tawnya said.

“The products are curated by Straight To The Source based on each chefs’ individual preferences and delivered directly to their door.

“In return, the chef provides their professional feedback to the artisan or primary producer.”

The best part? The boxes are complimentary, allowing the chefs to try out a range of ingredients, such as green garlic, black barley, seaweed, sprouted flours, malt, Australian natives—and more.

Tawnya and Straight to the Source partner Lucy Allon are passionate about connecting with primary and artisan producers across Australia, and said the boxes are a “win-win”, with chefs being introduced to new flavours and the producers receiving invaluable feedback.

If you’re interested in checking out Straight To The Source’s ChefBox program you can register here.

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