Celebrate your tax refund with Black Truffle Lamin...

Celebrate your tax refund with Black Truffle Lamingtons

If you’re up first thing on July 1 to hit ‘go’ on your return, you can celebrate your tax refund in style with very fancy black truffle lamingtons.

These decadent lammies are, of course, the work of  Newtown’s Tokyo Lamington and will be available for just three short days—so you’ll need to get in quick!

“We have decided to run our truffle special this week as this is when Australian Truffles are at their prime of the short season,” Tokyo Lamington said in a press release.

Working with Two Providores to source premium fresh tuber Melanosporum truffles from Manjimup, WA, these no-doubt-delicious cakes consist of whipped black truffle custard sandwiched between soft pillowy sponge cake, encased in Valrhona Azelia 65 per cent (hazelnut-infused milk chocolate), and finished with roasted coconut.

Truffles grow during the summer months when the ground is warm, then lay dormant until winter when the very cold temperatures help ripen the truffle and produce the distinguished pungent aroma that truffles are renowned for.

Because of both the rarity of truffles and the high demand for them, Australian black truffles have been known to sell for up to $2000 per kilogram.

For $15, the black truffle lamington will be available for takeaway, delivery or curb side pickup from Friday, July 2, through to Sunday, July 4.

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