Cafe owner afraid to work after threats and vandal...

Cafe owner afraid to work after threats and vandalism

A Melbourne cafe owner has been left afraid to go to work after his business was threatened and vandalised, apparently for complying with the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 regulations.

Symeon Kandias, who owns Briki Cafe in the inner-city suburb of Thornbury, arrived at work on Monday to find the front window smashed by a brick, with the damage adding up to thousands of dollars’ worth.

Perhaps more disturbing, however, was the note left on the front door by the vandal/s which contained a death threat.

“Do what Daniel Andrews says and we will burn your shop down and kill you [expletive]”, the note, which was posted on social media, reads.

As well as finding the whole situation “confronting”, Kandias told The ABC that all of his customers were happy to show their vaccination certificates, as required by law.

“I am trying to do everything here by the book. I am following all the regulations,” he told the publication.

“I am just trying to keep myself and the community safe.

“If we, the little guys, don’t follow these rules, we won’t survive.”

Following the discovery, community rallied around with support for the cafe, including MP Fiona Patten who wrote on Facebook, “To be faced with this sort of behaviour, for simply complying with health rules, is shocking and saddening to say the least.

“Hopefully Victoria Police will track down the offenders and deal with them accordingly.”

Victoria Police confirmed they are investigating the incident.

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