Is bush tucker the new superfood?

Is bush tucker the new superfood?

You’ve heard of acai, kale, quinoa, and chia, but, chances are, you’re not familiar with this home-grown health new superfood.

Gurdji (pronounced ger-ra-jee) is a native Australian bio-food that has been used by Indigenous people for thousands of years, both ceremonially and medicinally.

The tea-like leaves have many uses: they can be chewed to relieve toothaches, steeped in water and sipped to ease pain or nausea, and made into a paste to reduce inflammation. When brewed, Gurdji has a slightly sweet, mild green tea flavour.

Lore Australia’s Isabelle Munro says ingredients used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are ready to make their way into the booming health food market. With the success of matcha powder in the new superfood industry, she says bakers and pastry chefs should look out for Gurdji and experiment with its versatile properties.

“Gurdji can be ground into a matcha-style powder and used just as green tea would be used in baking. When ground and used whole, it boasts high amounts of insoluble fibre, which, as we are hearing a lot of lately, is incredibly beneficial for gut health and wellness,” she says.

“Like green tea, the use of Gurdji in recipes is only limited by your imagination and new superfood. We have two varieties of Gurdji that have very unique flavour profiles. One is natural and unaltered with an earthy, nutty and green flavour. The other is steamed, hand-rolled and lightly roasted – this stops the oxidation process and creates a deeper, sweeter flavour.

“We are lucky to have so much native produce in Australia that is, so far, untapped.”

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