Boutique food display on display

Established for over 40 years, ARTISAN Food Equipment has unrivalled experience in commercial refrigeration and boutique food display systems. Over these decades the Artisan brand has been instilled into the Australian food industry, and has a reputation nation-wide as a reliable and trusted supplier of choice. This is the case with many independent bakers and bakery chains, including Brumby’s Bakery, and cafe and coffee shop chains, Michel’s Patisserie, Jamaica Blue, Gloria Jeans, and Muffin Break.

Also on show will be the latest in boutique food display, the ‘Tiffany’ refrigerated delicacy showcase (pictured). Although relatively new to the expansive Artisan equipment spectrum, the ‘Tiffany’ series has been very quick to garner broad attention as the perfect showcase for boutique pastry and chocolate shops for the display of any hand-made delicacies, macaroons and chocolates.

Amongst the many unique features of the various Artisan cake and pastry display systems, the improved humidity in the refrigerated display cases is probably the most important to the discerning retailer. Visit the ARTISAN Food Equipment showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney for more information.

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