Arnott’s weighs in on TikTok biscuit conspir...

Arnott’s weighs in on TikTok biscuit conspiracy theory

A TikTok video went viral last week claiming that Arnott’s Teddy Bear biscuits and McDonalds Cookies are one and the same product, with both Arnott’s and McDonalds weighing in on the TikTok biscuit ‘conspiracy theory’.

Australian Comedian Zach Mander shared the convincing evidence that the McDonald’s Cookie and Arnott’s Teddy Bear biscuits are the “same biscuit” in a video posted to TikTok that has been viewed more than 288,000 times.

Zach said in the clip that he had always noticed the similarities between the two but was now convinced after finding one detail on the McDonald’s Cookie packaging.

“At first it was just because they tasted the same, but then on closer inspection Arnott’s make the Teddy Bear biscuits but Arnott’s also make the McDonald’s cookie,” he explains in the clip.

Zach reached out to Arnott’s on Twitter and told them: “I know about the Teddy Bear biscuits.”

“I’ll let you know if I get a response, otherwise I’m taking it straight to A Current Affair,” he ended his video.

Arnott’s responded, telling, “It’s true, Arnott’s proudly make McDonald Land Cookies right here in Australia.”

“And while the two recipes are actually a tiny bit different, the real question is whether a blind taste testing with a refined enough palate would be able to tell which is which?”

The fast food giant also addressed the issue, leaving a funny comment on the video.

“Grimace just turns up at the office with a truck full of them once a week, we’ve never really thought to ask where he’s getting them from.”

Many TikTok users agreed that the biscuits were the same, although one follower pointed out a distinct difference between the two:

“Sorry to burst your bubble though, but the Teddy Bears have egg in them and the Macca’s cookies don’t.”

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