American food site publishes mince pie monstrosity

American food site publishes mince pie monstrosity

As far as culture goes, Australia and the United States of America have a fair bit in common. We both love Hollywood films, fast food, and popular culture, but there are some idiosyncrasies when it comes to favourite dishes.

For example, pumpkin tends to be part of a savoury dish in Australia, while our friends in the US call it dessert in the form of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

And one treasured Aussie dish, the fruit mince pie (or mincemeat pie to most of us) created some confusion when one American food website missed the “fruit” part of the mince.

To be fair, “mincemeat” is a confusing concept and it’s easy to see how someone unfamiliar with this delicacy of spiced and fermented fruit mix encrusted in sweet shortbread pastry would become confused by the “meat” part of the equation.

However, you’d think that once you’ve topped actual mince meat (ground beef in the US) with slices of apple, you’d start to think perhaps you’ve made an error somewhere along the way.

In a scene reminiscent of that episode of 90s sitcom Friends where Rachel makes a trifle using ingredients such as beef with peas and onions, along with traditional ingredients like fruit, sponge cake, custard and jam, US based website Spruce Eats made a simple English language error and published a recipe using mince beef instead of fruit mince.

Naturally, British and Australian Twitter users had an absolute field day over the mistake, which remained on the site for several months before the issue was corrected.

“Utterly obsessed with this american site that has confused mince with mincemeat, and created this abomination,” tweeted one user.

“I shudder to think what it tastes like,” wrote another.

“Basically a meat pie with baked apples on top, covered with custard.

“I’m sure Joey would like it.”

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