All Grown Up: Byron Bay Cookies Celebrates 25 Year...

All Grown Up: Byron Bay Cookies Celebrates 25 Years

To commemorate a quarter of a century in business, Byron Bay Cookies Company is collaborating with celebrated chef Christine Manfield to create a limited-edition product.

The milestone birthday was officially celebrated in early December, when the Passionfruit and Dark Chocolate Cookie was launched exclusively in David Jones stores.

“This is a truly authentic partnership given my love of sweet things,” Christine said.

“Byron Bay Cookies Company is a quintessential Australian brand that I feel proud to be associated with.

“Passionfruit is a signature ingredient of mine so I thought it was fitting to use it for this special, limited-edition cookie.”

The Passionfruit and Dark Chocolate Cookie combines a rich shortbread biscuit base with real passionfruit puree and pieces of decadent dark chocolate.

“We wanted to celebrate being 25 years young with an exciting, relevant and delicious partnership,” Byron Bay Cookie Company marketing manager Emilie Emond said.

“Christine is known as one of Australia’s dessert queens so she was a natural fit for our brand, and we look forward to creating more unique flavours with Christine in the coming months.”

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