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After taking home the title of australia’s best pie in 2012, west australia’s denmark bakery now has the trophy to prove its team makes a mean pastie as well.

What’s Your Secret To A Winning Gourmet Pastie?

It’s all about balance; it has to have a good pastry-to-filling ratio. the pastry we used was a traditional Cornish pastry, which is rich in flavour and has a nice mouth feel when you eat it.

How Do You Take A Good Dish And Turn It Into A Great Pastie Filling?

We chose thai flavours because they are refreshing and complement each other. the filling needs to be moist and stable so when you bit into it, the filling doesn’t come sliding out onto your lap.

What Did The Judges Have To Say?

Some of them noted the pastry was well baked and the filling was light and stable. they also said it had a unique taste and, overall, had eye appeal.

Did You Know You Were On To A Winner?

As soon as we started developing the thai pastie we were very excited. it took a couple of weeks to fine-tune the flavour profile, but the end result speaks for itself. our customers love it so we thought the judges would as well – it turns out we were right!

With So Many Gourmet Pies Andpasties In The Industry, Is It Difficult To Come Up With A Unique Recipe?

Definitely, coming up with ideas is getting harder and harder, so when an idea is born we set about turning it into reality as quickly as possible. Sean and i have been baking for 37 years each now, so we feel we have good ideas as to what will work. We always start with the basics and work up. Sometimes you can try too hard and that is something we are always aware of.

Is Winning Good For Business?

Winning these competitions is always good for business. it gives you an opportunity to go head-to-head with your peers. We are in a small country town, so to be able to engage with the local community is always good for business. For us doing well in baking competitions is very high on our business agenda and forms a big part of how we promote our business. Yes, these competitions are not cheap to enter given the time and expense. but we feel it’s a very credible way to show your customers you’re serious about your craft.

What’s Your Best Seller In The Shop?

The thai chicken pastie does well but the traditional pastie is our biggest seller.we have three types of pastie: the Thai chicken, the spinach and fetta, and the traditional.

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