Practice Pays Off Of For Pie And Pastie Champions

Practice Pays Off Of For Pie And Pastie Champions

Australia’s best pie and pastie competition is always a popular part of Foodservice Australia, but this year exceeded all expectations.

Almost 300 exhibitors brought 1700 pieces of product to the show, to be judged across three days.

Entries can from as far as Port Douglas and Kangaroo Island.

Congratulations to Toodyay Bakery (Western Australia), which won the 2016 Australia’s Best Pastie award for its traditional pastie.

Competition organisers sent the trophy across the Nullarbor to the Tooday bakery to recognise the achievement. And, seeing baker Jason Marion said he’s been chasing the top title for a number of years, it will have pride of place in the shop.

“To win a national award finally, gives us some recognition for all the people that work here,” he said.

“The staff work really hard to try to get the perfect pastie. You have to bake for the competition and it’s hard to get it right for just that one day, so have you to try and practise through the year to get it absolutely right.

As to his secret, he says it’s all in the pastry.

“You have to have good layering,” he told WA Today.

“As well as seasoning in the meat – you have to have the right amount of pepper as well because all good pasties should have a hint of pepper.”

Meanwhile, the 2016 Australia’s Best Pie winner went to Ka Pies in Sunshine, Victoria, for their Thai Curry Vegetable Pie. It is the first time in the history of the Baking Association of Australia’s competition a meat-free pie has won.

Read about Ka Pies’ unusual story to stardome on page 71.

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