Polish baker makes political statement with bread

Polish baker makes political statement with bread

Polish bakers have been supporting protests by making a political statement with bread and pastries.

Thousands have gathered to protest across Poland daily since the conservative nation’s Constitutional Tribunal further limited Poland’s already restrictive abortion laws, making terminations due to foetal abnormalities illegal.

Unable to attend the abortion rights protests herself, Asia Olejniczak, a baker in Warsaw, is expressing her support for the movement by baking bread loaves emblazoned with a lighting bolt.

The lightning bolt has become symbolic for the protests, with marchers painting it on their faces, facemasks, hands and posters, and spray-painting it on walls and sidewalks.

Jacek Malarski and Albert Judycki, who run the Polish Lukullus pastry chain, also wanted to show their solidarity by selling Napoleon desserts, a custard pastry, with icing sugar lightning bolts stencilled on top.

They told Reuters that they were running out of the pastries daily, and despite tough economic conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, they would be donating the proceeds from the statement sweets to the cause.

“They’re taking away the rights of women to decide for themselves, they are denying minorities their humanity, they’re doing it officially,” Malarski told Reuters.

“What will happen next? They’ll stop us for running our business because of our sexual orientation or because we don’t go to church?”

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