Doughnuts have become big business for MoVida Bakery. Michael uses this base doughnut recipe and then fills it with either rhubarb and custard, lemon curd, peanut butter and jelly, bacon and maple, or the amazingly popular salted caramel.



Plain flour 466g
Caster sugar 58g
Salt 9g
Lemon zest 3g
Four eggs
Lemon oil 28g
Fresh yeast 19g
Water 100g
Softened butter 115g

Creme Patisserie

Milk 325g
Butter 32g
Sugar 90g
Egg yolk 70g
Cornflour 20g
Plain flour 20g
One vanilla bean



Combine flour, sugar, and zest together.
Mix yeast, oil and eggs.
Add all together until combined then add salt and slowly incorporate butter.
Bulk prove for one hour, scale at 40g, pre-shape, then final shape.
Prove until double in size and deep fry at 180°C. Dust in cinnamon sugar, cut a slit and pipe in filling.

Creme Patisserie

Bring the milk, butter and vanilla to the boil. Mix the eggs and sugar until incorporated then add the flour and cornflour mix well. Then pour the milk mixture over the eggs, ix well and return to the heat and continue to whisk until it starts to boil.

Cook for five minutes on simmer, stirring all the time. Let it cool down, then use this to mix with the condensed milk caramel and salt.

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