Mobile App To Satisfy On-the-go Foodies

Mobile App To Satisfy On-the-go Foodies

Eatability has launched an iPhone app and mobile-optimised website to give Australians easy access to a comprehensive local food guide.

Users have access to more than 210,000 ratings and reviews from Eatability’s nationwide community, with the mobile-optimised website instantly recommending bakeries, cafés, restaurants and quick food service options according to location, cuisine or rating.

Eatability co-founder Celeste Ong said Australians are demanding mobile and easy-to-access information about food options in their local area.

“Forty-three per cent of the Eatability community is accessing our site through mobile devices. People like to look for new places to try, especially those they aren’t familiar with,” she said.

“Everyone wants to know about that hidden gem – whether it’s a café, bakery or food store – and we make it easy for them to do so when they’re out and about.”

Features of the new iPhone app include instant sharing options such as rating a restaurant, writing a review and uploading photos.

According to Celeste, it’s important for food establishments and retailers to be represented in local guides and have positive reviews from the community.

“When it comes to food, we all want it to taste great, look great and to get service with a smile. Eatability tries to foster this idea of sharing great places with others and many smart businesses now understand that having a dialogue with their customers is not only a necessity, but it also helps them to cultivate passionate customers,” she said.

“With the iPhone app, foodies can now describe what they are eating as they are sampling them, take photos and send us a review before they’ve even stepped out of the door.”

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