Hope Island gets a taste of New York from Doughed

Hope Island gets a taste of New York from Doughed

Doughed has landed on Hope Island in the Gold Coast with an array of sweet and fresh savoury treats. Located in Hope Island Marketplace, Doughed is the work of Alannah Bell, Kyle Davidson, Yuki Soga and Jay Jeon, who wanted to create a place where you can find all of your cravings in one spot.

“People love their coffee and matcha, but they also enjoy sinking their teeth into delicious sandwiches and treating themselves to chunky NYC cookies and doughnuts – it just made sense to create a place where you can satisfy all those cravings at once,” Alannah said speaking to The Weekend Edition.

“Our vision was to create a gathering place where people could come together to enjoy dough-licious treats and foster a sense of connection.”

Doughed’s menu of mouthwatering treats include chunky NYC cookies, a mixture of flavour filled doughnuts, focaccia sandwiches, coffee and matcha all in the one place. Nailing the selection of food and desserts was no simple task either according to Alannah.

“Over the course of 12 months, we dedicated ourselves to perfecting our menu… despite the demands of our pre-existing full-time commitments,” Alannah said.

Some of the substantial bites include sandwiches like the Early Riser Breakfast sandwich and the Mortadella Medley, which is layered with mortadella, salami, mozzarella, rocket with a balsamic glaze, semi-dried tomatoes, green pesto and a drizzle of chilli honey.

If you’re after something sweet to top it off you can choose from doughnuts like the Gaytime (chocolate glaze and biscuit crumb filled with caramel), Biscoff and Creme Brulee (torched vanilla glaze filled with custard) and strawberries and cream, which includes a strawberry-filled pipette to squeeze the flavour into the cream in the middle—yum!

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