For The Love of Bread on SBS

Join the charismatic, self-made baker behind Sonoma, Andrew Connole, as he uncovers the unique flavours, personalities and cultures baked into loaves across the world every day.

His travels for bread took him from Athens, where he’s currently based, to Austria, Denmark, Germany, the UK, France, Malta and the US, meeting talented bakers and exploring the history and changing ways of bread, from a woman making gluten-free artisan sourdough in Berlin to a sourdough croissant maker in Paris. There are meeting with others passionate about food too, including Rene Redzepi at noma in Copenhagen and Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver at St John in London, plus a visit to an annual bread festival in Austria.

For the Love of Bread takes us back to when the craft of artisan baking was first established, and the time-honoured methods we now use were in their earliest stage. From there, we follow the extraordinary rise of the humble loaf to the many-splendoured, universal language of bread we know today.

For the Love of Bread airs Sundays at 5.30pm on SBS Food from March 7 – April 25 and then available to stream on SBS On Demand.

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