Feeding The Multitude

Three million loaves of bread could be making their way to Australians in need thanks to a collaboration between Foodbank, Helga’s and Wonder White.

Goodman Fielder will donate one loaf of bread to Foodbank for every loaf of Wonder White or Helga’s purchased across Australia in the lead up to the new year. This provides the potential for a total donation of three million loaves; enough to supply Foodbank for more than a year.

The move comes as new research by Foodbank – the country’s largest hunger relief agency – shows demand for food relief is continuing to grow. A survey of Foodbank’s welfare agencies found on average a charity will have to turn away requests from 62 adults and 72 children for food every month because of insufficient supplies.

With the help of the public, Foodbank Australia CEO John Webster the organisation could receive enough bread to satisfy the requests of charities for some time.

“We provide food to 2500 welfare agencies across Australia including school breakfast programs and bread is right at the top of their shopping list,” John said.

A ‘breadometer’ will be broadcast on Foodbank’s website from November 21, 2012, to track progress towards the target of three million loaves.

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