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The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition 2022

Sep 5, 2022 - Sep 8, 2022

The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition 2022

Entires open July 1, 2022 for the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition!

As a competitor in the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition your business can benefit in a number of ways. Here are the top five reasons to enter:

  1. Recognition for your skill as a pie maker
    There’s nothing more inspiring than receiving a reward for you efforts in baking. As a winner, earning this prestigious title will endorse your product and establish trust with your customers that they can receive a top-quality pie from an industry recognised baker when shopping at your establishment.
  2. National PR and marketing for your business
    The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition is promoted heavily throughout Australia on various media channels including press, TV, radio, and social media. As a winner, this means that you can be sure to receive national and local PR for your business.
    It also makes for a great instore marketing campaign for your business whether you win or not. We encourage all entrants to get behind the competition and promote their entry to their local customers, let them know you are competing for the title. Some suggestions include decorating your shop, sharing photos on social media, and tagging our Facebook page in your post. We also provide social media graphics, logos, and a general press release so you can promote your involvement in the competition with your local media channels. Also, please feel free to email your photos to our marketing team with your business name and we will share them on our social media profiles to further promote your business.
  3. Increased sales
    Being successful in the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition is very beneficial for your business. Many past winners have noticed an increase in sales due to publicity received from the competition.
  4. Feedback on your pie and inspiration to aim higher
    The aim of the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition is to provide a national platform to raise the quality standards of pies and sausage rolls throughout Australia. Our team of professional judges provides feedback on all entries in the competition. This is a great opportunity to have an experienced critic taste your product and provide constructive feedback as to how you can improve.
  5. Support for the industry
    By entering the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition you are showing your  support for a unified Australian baking industry. The Competition promotes pride in high-quality pie and sausage roll products from baking businesses around Australia.

Established by John Ross and Craig Perry in 1989, The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition runs every year in September at Fine Food Australia. Since 1990 it has been the number one national competition for pies and sausage rolls.

Their efforts and passion for pie excellence have helped to raise quality standards of pies across Australia; enhancing a sense of pride among bakers who specialise in pie making. The judging panel consists of TAFE trainers, chefs, bakers and bakery reps who are all experts in their field. They provide valuable feedback on each entry for aspiring winners. This Competition is the industry’s benchmark for pie excellence, bar none.

In 2011 the rights to run the Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition were bought by the Australian Pie Council Pty Ltd, a consortium of industry leading companies in the baking industry. To recognise the growing gourmet pie category and the diversity of bakers in Australia, the Competition has been expanded to include vegetarian and non-red meat ingredients. Since 2012 the Competition has been known as the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition.