Coffee Chain Tailors Sponge Cake For On-the-go Cus...

Coffee Chain Tailors Sponge Cake For On-the-go Customers

Recognising its customers are often too busy to sit down and take a break, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has designed the Cakewich; a slice of cake designed in the style of a sandwich.

The product is made from soft sponge cake, in the shape of a triangle and filled with either chocolate mousse filling, or a layer of raspberry spread and white chocolate mousse filling.

The company’s group brand and marketing manager Nicole Saleh said the move followed consumer research that suggested while 42 per cent of Australians would give up their emails in exchange for a piece of cake, almost 20 per cent of people surveyed hadn’t had time to eat a piece of cake in more than a month.

“As the world gets more connected, it seems as though life gets more and more hectic and it gets difficult to find time to enjoy even simple pleasures,” she said.

“We want our guests to enjoy the perfect complement to a coffee while on-the-go. From our research we knew people’s lives are often too busy to sit down and indulge in a piece of cake, so instead we are offering a classic snack option that fits perfectly into modern life – the Cakewich.”

The coffee chain is marketing the product as “the perfect snack for people who enjoy eating in their car” and “the perfect indulgence to bite on the bus or taste on the train”.

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