Chef of the Year is nearly here

Chef of the Year is ready to go once more, with finalists being announced for the competition, which will take place between 30 April–2 May. The event will take place at the Foodservice Australia expo, which will also host over 350 exhibitors showcasing the latest food, drink, and equipment, as well as free workshops and stages.

The list of 32 finalists has been whittled down from a large number of entries from across the Australian culinary world, hoping to compete for $10,000 and valuable prizes.

2022 winner Konstantin Putkin from The Virgin Kitchen in Hepburn, Victoria, will once again don an apron and compete to defend his title. He will be joined by a host of other talented culinary competitors, some of whom have previously competed in Chef of the Year and some of whom have not.

In a first for the event, there will be three chefs competing this year from the healthcare sector.

Peter Wright, competition director, says, “This really shows how far this style of catering has advanced in the last five years.”

The Chef of the Year competition is sure to be hard fought and exciting, with the best of the best eking it out to create the best foods they can.

“This is a real pressure test. Chefs compete against the close. and each other to produce their two best dishes using featured ingredients, all in front of a live audience. You have to be calm, clean, and in control,” says Peter.

“Sometimes the best dishes are also the simplest ones, which allow the produce to shine.”



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