Australia’s best—and sharpest—Vanilla slices...

Australia’s best—and sharpest—Vanilla slices

For the first time in its history, the Victorian Baking Show has hosted an Australia’s Best Vanilla Slice Competition. And with The Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph Merbein cancelled for the past two years due to the pandemic, the best were chomping at the bit to show off their snot blocks.

On Saturday, February 26 at the All Seasons Hotel in Bendigo, Brad Sharp from Birchip’s Sharp’s Bakery was crowned Australia’s number one.

The little Mallee bakery has a long slice history, having won four past Triumphs with people travelling far and wide to sample this slice of custardy heaven. In fact, Kevin Sharp (Brad’s father) credits the competitions for their business’ success.

“We used to make vanilla slice on a Friday and make 2500 a year,” Kevin told Baking Business.

“Now, we start off with 100 every morning and see how it’s going. In a town of 700 people!”

In second place was CJ’s Bakery (Adelaide) and Rochester Bakery (Rochester) in third.

Full results from the Victorian Baking Show can be found here on the BAA website. 


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